Ditch the Selfie Filter, Get a Real Smile!

Say goodbye to crooked grins and say hello to a confident, head-turning smile with the first direct 3D innovation in Malaysia! That’s right, Nudsmiles is here to make teeth straightening accessible, affordable, and dare we say, fun (yes, fun!).


Shape Memory Fit

Our aligners are crafted with a special shape-memory material that gently guides your teeth into their ideal positions, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment experience.


Easy and Quick

Say hello to your dream smile in no time with our latest innovative direct 3D technology. We'll get you there quicker than you can say "cheese!"


Affordable Smiles for All

Choose from our flexible subscription plans to fit your budget and lifestyle. No hidden fees, just straight teeth and straight savings.


What is

We understand that the perfect smile is a personal expression, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to achieve a complete smile transformation or make minor adjustments, our innovative clear aligner technology offers the perfect solution to meet your unique needs.


The perfect solution for a perfect smile


Clear Aligner

Starts at RM500/month

Tired of hiding your smile? Say goodbye to bulky metal braces and hello to an invisible, effortlessly comfortable, and remarkably effective Nudsmiles Clear Aligners.

Avg Treatment



Daily Wear





Starts at RM500/month

Does life get in the way of your retainer-wearing habit? No worries! Nudsmiles Re-Aligners can gently bring your teeth back into their ideal positions, restoring your perfect smile.

Avg Treatment



Daily Wear



Nudsmiles Direct 3D Printing VS Conventional Vacuum Forming

  • 1 Click to Smile

    Fast & efficient, 3 steps, treatment starts ASAP.

  • 4x More Affordable

    Cutting-edge tech, optimized process, smile savings in your pocket.

  • Simplified process

    Skip the middle steps and go straight from digital scan to printed aligner, maximizing efficiency.

Digital Image Acquisition

Digital Teeth Manipulation

Nudsmiles Aligner

  • 4x Slower

    5 steps, long waiting time to get aligner.

  • 4x More Expensive

    Heavy equipment, high costs, high price tag for your smile.

  • Less Comfortable

    Potential inaccuracies, longer adjustment period and treatment time.

Digital Image Acquisition

Digital Teeth Manipulation

Create 3D Mold


Thermoformed Traditional Aligner

How NUDSMILES Compare to Others

Brand Z

  • Price starts from RM7,500.00

  • Upfront Deposit + Installments

  • At least 6-7 months commitment

  • Traditional aligner technology


  • Pay-as-you-go, plans starting at RM500/month

  • No contracts, cancel anytime

  • Average only 5 months commitment

  • Revolutionary direct 3D technology for faster results

  • Practically invisible, custom-designed aligners

  • Doctor-directed treatment plans for optimal results

Brand I

  • Price starts from RM10,000.00 up to RM20,000.00

  • Heavy Upfront Deposit of RM6,000+ above + Installment

  • At least 7 months commitment

  • Traditional aligner technology

Is NUDSMILES right for you?

Schedule a free consultation with our dental network and start smiling your way to a brighter future today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people with mild to moderate teeth misalignment are good candidates for Nudsmiles! Want to see if you’re a good fit? Head over to our Contact Us page and let’s chat about your smile goals.

Nudsmiles offers transparent and flexible payment plans starting at just RM500 per month. This pay-as-you-go approach allows you to spread the cost of your treatment comfortably and cancel anytime without any strings attached.

Treatment time with Nudsmiles typically takes around 3-7 months, depending on the severity of your misalignment and how consistently you wear your aligners. Some cases may require slightly longer, while others might be even faster.

Like any orthodontic treatment, there are some potential risks associated with clear aligners, such as temporary discomfort, gum irritation, and minor speech changes. However, these risks are generally mild and temporary, and the Nudsmiles team is always here to support you throughout your treatment journey.

Caring for your Nudsmiles aligners is a breeze. Just brush and rinse them after meals, and, being heat-activated, they can be sterilized with hot water at high temperatures. This feature, combined with their awesome shape memory, ensures they’ll bounce back to their perfect shape effortlessly. Don’t forget their protective case, and you’re good to go!

We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about Nudsmiles and your smile journey.