NUDSMILES Clear Aligner

Be bold, challenge the conventional. A clear choice to regain a smile that people will remember.

Regain your confident look and pretty smile today !

NudSmiles provides clear aligners at an affordable cost for  all to achieve the best charming appearance. The cost for the clear aligners treatment is determined by a few factors. These include the complexity of your teeth condition and the period of the treatment you need. Nonetheless, our clear aligner treatment plans are your best affordable option as we assure express services and better results. Our technology accelerates treatment time up to half the time. Besides, you will need lesser consultation visit that saves you cost and time. Contact us today to find the plan best suits you.


Pleasant Appearance

The clear aligners are invisible, leaving it undetectable when being worn on the teeth and maintain your visual appearance. 


Being removable, clear aligners allow you to continue to enjoy the foods you like without having restrictions to soft and chewy foods only.


You can take off the clear aligner to enjoy your food or anytime you wish, just ensure that you follow the prescribed duration for optimum results.


As clear aligners are removable, it is easy for you to clean your teeth thoroughly and maintain good oral hygiene.


The clear aligners are invisible, leaving it undetectable when being worn on the teeth and maintain your visual appearance. 


Clear aligners don’t come with the risk of cuts from metal wires and brackets. The material is smooth and slightly flexible thus more comfortable and pain-free.


Our technology accelerates treatment time up to half the time of other treatment providers. Results are reaped within 3-9 months if the appliance is used accordingly.


We guarantee your smiles for life. If your teeth ever move out of alignment again, we provide refinement service at no charge. ( T&C applies)

Your Journey To Better Smiles Starts With 5 Easy Steps

Digital Driven Approach

We utilize digital driven approach to take 3D dental impressions of patients in just minutes. This modern approach keeps a fully digital workflow and saves a great deal of time. Besides, the digital driven software provides better precision that matches individual facial features, thus clear aligners can be customized accordingly.

Capture and show us images of your teeth. You will be entitled for a free scan based on the initial screening

Next, our dentist will conduct an intraoral 3D scan, X-rays and physical assessment of your teeth.

Upon confirmation of your case, we will manufacture the clear aligner for you, followed by fitting with your dentist

Wear the clear aligner as instructed to transform your teeth

By the end of treatment, you need to use retainers to maintain your beautiful teeth

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go to any dentist or orthodontist for clear aligner treatment?

The treatment must be conducted by specially-trained doctors. Nudsmiles provides experienced and trained doctors for your clear aligner treatment.

How is Nudsmiles clear aligner treatment different from other teeth straightening options?

NudSmiles clear aligners are removable, virtually invisible and provide fast results. These are also more comfortable and hygienic as you can remove them to clean your teeth.

Are there any food restrictions while in NudSmiles clear aligner treatment?

There’s no need to refrain from your favourite foods and drinks as you can remove the clear aligners to enjoy them.

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