Clear Aligner


RM500.00 per month

Avg Treatment



Daily Wear



Forget lengthy waiting times and embrace a faster smile transformation with Nudsmiles’s revolutionary direct 3D technology. This means you can start your smile transformation sooner and enjoy the benefits of practically invisible, comfortable aligners that gently guide your teeth toward their ideal positions. With flexible subscription plans and a commitment to affordability, Nudsmiles makes achieving a confident, radiant smile easier than ever. Embrace the future of teeth straightening and discover the Nudsmiles difference today!



Shape-shifting Technology

Our shape memory ensures that your aligners consistently return to their original shape, effectively guiding your teeth toward their ideal positions, even if they become deformed.

Quick Results

Utilizing the latest in direct 3D technology, Nudsmiles streamlines the process, eliminating multiple steps and crafting your aligners in a single, rapid session. This allows you to embark on your smile journey sooner.

Clinically Guided

Every step of your Nudsmiles treatment is overseen by experienced dental professionals, guaranteeing optimal results and providing you with peace of mind.

Our Technology

Advanced Technology for superior results

Forget stone-age molds and uncomfortable adjustments. We use cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to create custom-made, clear aligners that fit your teeth like a glove (and look way cooler). This means your treatment will be comfortable, effective, and get you the results you want faster than you can say “cheese!

Let's take a closer look

How NUDSMILES compare to other aligner brands?

Brand Z

  • Price starts from RM7,500.00

  • Upfront Deposit + Installments

  • At least 6-7 months commitment

  • Traditional aligner technology


  • Pay-as-you-go, plans starting at RM500/month

  • No contracts, cancel anytime

  • Average only 5 months commitment

  • Revolutionary direct 3D technology for faster results

  • Practically invisible, custom-designed aligners

  • Doctor-directed treatment plans for optimal results

Brand I

  • Price starts from RM10,000.00 up to RM20,000.00

  • Heavy Upfront Deposit of RM6,000+ above + Installment

  • At least 7 months commitment

  • Traditional aligner technology

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